Britz Rentals - Medium-Class Vehicles from the THL-Group

One of the largest and best-known rental companies offering a medium-class fleet

The THL umbrella brand includes companies such as Britz Rentals. Britz is one of the largest motorhome rental company in Australia. The vehicles stay in the fleet for a maximum of 4 years. In addition to Britz, the companies Maui in the premium class and Mighty in the budget segment belong to the THL Group as well. Britz offers one of the largest variety of vehicles among Australian suppliers and is represented with depots in 10 cities. The vehicle fleet ranges from 2 Hitop Camper models, 2 different Shower / Toilet models, 4 to 6-Berth motorhomes to 3 different 4WD vehicles (ask us for details, we do offer them to you!!) for a maximum of 5 people.
If the desired model allows it, children can travel from newborn to 6 months, something that is not permitted with many other rental companies.
Important: Britz does not guarantee a specific vehicle layout! The same number of beds, seats etc. is generally guaranteed, but not the layout.
To rent a Britz model you have to be at least 21 years old.

With regard to driving on unpaved roads / gravel roads, the following applies to THL Group / Britz Rentals in Australia: 2WD campers and motorhomes must not be driven on unpaved roads. These include all roads that have no hard surface such as tar, asphalt or concrete. The only exception is the appropriate use of access routes that are no longer than 12 kilometers and that lead to officially recognized campsites and major tourist attractions.

Camperflotte Übersicht (Translate Me)

Britz Hitop - New Hitop Camper for 2 People

  • 4 years old or younger
  • Compact Hitop for 2 people - length: 4.90m - internal height: 1.86m
  • 4 year old interior with an external table
  • Reliable vehicle without shower and toilet
  • Children must be at least 4 years old to travel in the camper

Britz Voyager - A Proven Hitop Camper for Up to 4 People

  • Maximum vehicle age of 4 years
  • Toyota Hiace Long Wheel Base - 5.55m long - 1.98m inside height
  • Max. 4 year old interior with two double beds
  • Reliable camper without private shower and toilet
  • No baby seats, but children are allowed in a child seat

Venturer Plus - Perfect for Families with One Child

  • The vehicle is not older than 4 years
  • Spacious with a length of 7.00m and a standing height of 1.90m
  • Double bed at the back 1.78m x 1.91m plus single bed at 0.66m x 1.75m at the front
  • Outside table, built-in grill, swivel seats in front
  • From 21 years and above

Discovery - The 4 Berth Motorhome with Alcove Bed

  • The vehicles are a maximum of 4 years old
  • The vehicle is 6.60 m long. The headroom is 2.06 m
  • Modern interior, rear-view camera, swivel seats, external storage compartment
  • Easy to set up alcove bed 1,40m x 2,00m
  • Minimum driver`s age: 21 years

Explorer - The Homely 4 Berth Camper

  • The Explorer vehicles are max. 4 years old
  • Vehicle length: 7.25m, interior height: 2.15m
  • Modern interior with lots of storage space
  • Rear-view camera, safe, external storage compartment, solar current collectors
  • Rentable from 21 years

Britz Frontier -6 Berth Motorhome with Space for 4 Child Seats

  • Vehicles are not older than max. 4 years
  • Vehicle length: 7,20m, interior height: 2,15m
  • Layout designed for up to 6 people
  • Particularities: Awning, rear-view camera, solar system, external storage space
  • Rentable from 21 years

Britz Venturer - Comfortable Camper with Shower and Toilet

  • Mercedes or VW 7.00m long - 1.90m interior height
  • Vehicle is a maximum of 4 years old
  • A double bed 1.78 m x 1.91 m or conversion to 2 single beds 0.60 m x 1.91 m offered
  • Outside table, built-in outside grill, swivel seats at the front
  • Attachment of booster seat in front is possible for children from 4 years old