Go Cheap Motorhomes Offers 4-7 Year Old Campers and Motorhomes on The East Coast and Tasmania

The sister company of Cruisin Motorhomes benefits from the good service of the premium brand

Go Cheap Motorhomes is the sister company of Cruisin Motorhomes. Both originially come from Tasmania and have their main depot in Hobart. The Go Cheap vehicles were named (except for the Hitop) after rivers in Tasmania, which you may get to know during your trip.

Go Cheap Motorhomes offers all vehicle sizes from the high-roof camper to the 2 berth model with shower and toilet included to the 6 berth motorhome. As the company name suggests, Go Cheap comes from the budget to mid-range segment. That means all vehicles are between 4 and 7 years old, but mostly still in fairly good condition. The service is really very good, since the structures are identical to the sister company Cruisin Motorhomes, a company in the premium sector.
Because the Cruisin fleet is of a manageable size, the company is booked up relatively quickly.

Measured by the age of the vehicles, Go Cheap provides you with both good quality and good service when problems arise on the way. In addition to the helpful customer service, the so-called Maximum Cover Pack offers a very good insurance option that you can only find with premium companies.

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2+1 Berth Hitop - The reliable and Cheap High Roof Camper

  • Affordable camper for 2 adults or a small family
  • Compact Hitop length: 4.90m standing height: 2.00m
  • Practical interior
  • Perfect travel companion for 2 people without integrated toilet and shower
  • Budget mid-range camper

Tamar 2 Berth - The Reliable Vehicle With Shower and Toilet on Board

  • 4 – 7-year-old vehicle with signs of wear
  • Spacious vehicle with 7.0m length and 1.90m standing height
  • All vehicles with automatic transmission
  • Shower and toilet on board
  • For rent from 21 years

4-Bed Henty - Middle Class Motorhome for Friends and Families

  • 4 - 7-year old motorhome
  • Generous and well-conceived structure
  • Vehicle length: 7.20m interior height: 2.0m
  • Sitting area with all-round visibility in the rear
  • Pleasantly cozy interior made of wood, with signs of wear

6 Berth Derwent - Affordable Motorhome for Friends

  • Three large double beds during the day, two sitting areas during the day
  • Towels and bed linen included
  • Up to 2 child seats attachable
  • Passage to the living room
  • Also suitable for a group of 4 or a medium-sized family