Hippie Campers - Simple Campers for Backpackers Travelling Through Australia

With Hippie Campers, backpackers get on the road cheaply. However, beware that uxury is not part of the program.

Hippie Campers belongs to the Apollo Group and is the company with the simplest and oldest vehicles within this brand association. Unlike other companies in the Apollo Group, young people from the age of 18 can rent a camper at Hippie Campers.
The vehicles in the Hippie fleet have many miles on their back and look clearly used on the interior. If that doesn't bother you and if you have to keep an eye on the travel budget, you're well on your way with Hippie. Due to the affiliation to the Apollo-Group, customer service is professional and replacement of vehicles is easier than with comparable smaller companies.

Hippie Sleeper Vans and Hitop Campers offer room for 2 or 4 people. All in all, Hippie Campers is a company that we recommend to young people who would like to travel through Australia very cheaply and who do not care as much about what the vehicle looks like.
Caution: The all-inclusive insurance does not cover damage to the tires and windshield. There is an additional insurance (WAT) option for AUD 7 a day, max. AUD 175. Single-vehicle rollovers are also only covered by an extra insurance (AUD 5.50 a day, AUD 55 minimum). Damage to the underbody and roof cannot be insured.

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Hippie Hitop - Affordable Hitop for Two!

  • The vehicle is at least 5 years old; increased mileage
  • The Hitop is a Toyota Hiace with a length of 4.90m and 1.90m inside height
  • Simple interior that corresponds to the age of the vehicle
  • Hitop without shower and toilet
  • Automatic or manual transmission

Hippie Endeavour - Low-Priced 4-Person Hitop for Australia

  • The vehicles are at least 5 years old, mostly clearly older
  • ´The vehicles have at least 150,000 km mileage (sometimes significantly higher)
  • Fridge with freezer
  • Manual or automatic transmission possible
  • Two child seats for children from 6 months can be attached