Jucy Focuses on Backpackers Needs in Particular

The Jucy Condo is also a very affordable way to explore Australia for families with up to two children

Jucy Rentals is one of the largest companies in the Oceanic camper market. The company originally comes from New Zealand, but has established itself as one of the main rental companies in Australia for many years now. The bright green Jucy campers are hard to miss and are often sprayed with funny slogans. The young and lively company primarily focuses on the needs of backpackers and young travelers. The vehicles are modern and practical.

Jucy currently has 5 vehicles in its fleet. Two sleeper vans with the Jucy El Cheapo and the Jucy Crib. The Jucy Compass is a brand-new model that has joined the fleet. It is a large sleeper that is identical in size to a high-roof camper - but it has a flat roof and instead a roof tent. This means that up to four travelers can sleep in the camper, just like in a high-roof camper.
Added to this is there is the Jucy Champ - a smaller sleeper van with a roof tent. Here, four backpackers can travel very cheaply. Last but not least, Jucy offers a high-roof camper with the so-called Condo. The Juicy Condo is something of a perennial favorite within the Jucy fleet. Thanks to the rear seats, up to two children can travel in their child seat.
With a depot in Adelaide, Jucy has an advantage compared to other rental companies that are only represented on the east coast.
Jucy's various insurance options can be a little confusing – in this case you can approach us for further details or help!

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Jucy Crib Sleeper Mini-Camper - The 4-Seater with 2 Berths

  • Middle-class sleeper van
  • Cooking with an open trunk lid
  • Sleeper for up to 4 travelers - only 2 beds available!
  • Equipped with a small compressor cold box
  • For rent from 18 years and above

Jucy Champ Mini Camper - Sleeper Van with Roof Tent

  • Sleeper with roof tent
  • Kitchen identical to the Crib model
  • Reliable sleeper van for a group of people
  • Two double beds, ideal for 4 travelers
  • For rent from 18 years

Jucy Compass Mini Camper - The Mini Bus with a Roof Tent

  • Newer vehicle with interior from 2018
  • Popular with young drivers over 18, very suitable for groups
  • Particularly cheap to rent for a group of 4 people
  • Economical diesel engine
  • Very modern sleeper van with roof tent

Jucy Condo Camper - The Hitop Camper That Has Proven Itself

  • Very large fleet of Jucy Condo vehicles available
  • A kitchenette is installed in the rear of the vehicle
  • Modern, practical interior
  • Less storage space due to vehicle design
  • For rent from 18 years