Mighty Campers - The Budget Fleet of the THL Group

Backpackers or travelers on a budget like to rent Mighty Campers

Companies such as Mighty Campers belong to the THL Group ("Tourism Holdings Ltd"), Australia's largest camper and RV rental company. The company specializes in budget tourists on a budget, which is why Mighty is often booked by backpackers. In addition to Mighty, Britz in the middle class and Maui in the premium segment also belong to the THL umbrella brand. The vehicle fleet extends from the Hitop camper to 2 variants from 2 berth shower / toilet vehicles to 4 and 6 berth motorhomes. Mighty Campers has 10 depots in all major cities in Australia.

Almost all categories have different models.
Generally the same number of beds, seats etc. is guaranteed, but not the layout. Due to different years of construction, vehicle length, height or interior height can vary within a model type. Mighty Campers generally does not provide any information about the bed dimensions, which is why we cannot specify them.

The following applies to driving on unpaved roads / gravel roads at the THL Group / Mighty Campers in Australia:
2WD campers and motorhomes must not be driven on unpaved roads. This includes all roads that do not have a hard surface such as tar, asphalt or concrete. The only exception is the appropriate use of access routes that are no longer than 12 kilometers and that lead to officially recognized campsites and major tourist attractions.
All models can be rented from the age of 21. The only exception are the models Highball and Double Down, which can already be rented by a group of backpackers from the age of 18.
The Mighty brand stands for cheap and simple campers aged approximately 4 years. If you want more comfortable and higher quality vehicles, you can take a look at Britz and Maui. However, with increasing quality, prices are also rising.

Camperflotte Übersicht (Translate Me)

Mighty Highball - Budget Hitop Camper for 2 People

  • The Mighty Highball is at least 4 years old and is a budget camper
  • Vehicle length 4.90m; Internal height: 1.86m
  • Kitchenette and a double bed for 2 people
  • There are different layouts under the name Highball
  • Great Hitop Camper for 2 people to discover Australia

Mighty Double Down - Budget Hitop Camper für 4 Personen

  • The camper is older than 4 years
  • Vehicle length 5.55m; Internal height is 1.98m
  • Two double beds, attachment of 2 child seats possible
  • Different layouts under the name Double Down available
  • Great Hitop Camper for 2 people to discover Australia

Mighty Deuce - Comfortable Budget Camper With Bathroom

  • At least 4 years old - Budget Camper
  • Vehicle length: 7.00m Interior height: 1.90m
  • Shower and toilet, kitchenette, 1 double bed or 2 single beds
  • Great camper to discover Australia
  • Different layouts offered under the name Duece

Mighty Deuce Plus - Practical Camper for a Family With Kids

  • Camper is older than 4 years
  • Vehicle length: 7.00m Interior height: 1.90m
  • Wet room, kitchenette, double bed + single bed for a child
  • Layout cannot be guaranteed due to different model variants
  • For rent from 21 years

Mighty Double Up - Spacious Budget Motorhome for 4 People

  • This budget class vehicle is at least 4 years old
  • Interior height: 2.10m -2.15m
  • Two double beds, kitchen, bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Attachment of 2 child seats or 2 booster seats possible
  • Great motorhome to rent from 21 years old

Mighty Big Six - Spacious Budget Motorhome for 6 People

  • The motorhome is at least 4 years old
  • Vehicle length: 7.15m - 7.25m; Interior height: 2.10m - 2.15m
  • Three double beds, kitchen, bathroom
  • Attachment of 4 child seats possible, of which max. 2 for children under 4 years