Star RV - Premium Brand of the Apollo-Group

New sprinters and motor homes with a maximum vehicle age of 12 months

Star RV offers campers and motorhomes with a shower and toilet that are a maximum of 12 months old. This means you pay a little more here, but you also get reliable vehicles in top condition in return.
Star RV is the premium brand of Apollo Motorhomes. Therefore, you are dealing with a large network and professional service. In the event of a problem, help is quickly given, nevertheless, the service is obviously not very personal due to the size of the company and, according to customer feedback, it is also quite cumbersome (call center).
The Star RV Australia fleet includes the Aquila RV, a sprinter for 2 travelers, the Pandora RV and the Pegasus RV, two motorhomes for 4 travelers, and the Hercules RV, a motorhome for 6 travelers. All vehicles are equipped with automatic transmission, rear-view camera and air conditioning (240V).
With the best possible insurance, known as the Star Pack, the insurance deductible is reduced to AUD 0, allowing you to travel carefree. Furthermore, almost all extras are included here. You can i.e. drive past a depot during the trip and have the bed linen changed or have an oil and water check done. We recommend Star RV for customers who find it particularly important that the vehicle is as new as possible.

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Hercules RV - 6-Man Premium-Class Motorhome

  • Since max. 1 year on the roads of Australia - a premium-class vehicle
  • Vehicle length: 7.70 m interior height: 2.00 m
  • 3 large double beds
  • 2 child seats for children from 6 months can be attached
  • Rear-view camera, air conditioning and awning