The 2 Berth Shower / Toilet Camper - More Sophisticated Travel for Couples

The 2 Berth Shower / Toilet Camper has - as the name suggests - a real wet room. It makes independent travel easier. The larger base vehicle means there is more space for everything compared to the simpler campers. However, the range of vehicles offered is huge, so take a close look!

Advantages of the 2-Bed Shower / Toilet Camper

During a motorhome holiday, space becomes a luxury item. The longer you are on the road, the more you will appreciate the small amenities that are given by space. Cupboards in which everything really finds its place, a kitchen that you actually like to cook in, a bed that does not have to be rebuilt every day and of course a shower make it easy for couples to feel at home in a 2 Berth Shower / Toilet Camper.

EA parking heater, a separate living area battery and partly also solar panels are additional plus points.

Disadvantages of the 2 Berth Shower / Toilet Camper

In the area of the 2 Berth Shower / Toilet Camper there is a huge range of different vehicles offered on the market. This is not a disadvantage in itself, but it makes the comparison quite challenging. There are huge differences, starting with the length of the vehicle, which is of course an essential factor when it comes to space. The equipment ranges from as new to rocked out, the bed size varies, some expansion options are much smarter than others. In this respect, it is particularly important with these vehicles to compare exactly what the various offers contain. Don`t panic, we help you here!

Of course, 2 Berth Shower / Toilet Campers are higher in fuel consumption than the small vans. They are also less practical to drive for inexperienced travelers. And as a rule, they cost significantly more speaking of the basic rental price than the smaller options. However, these costs can be saved again, since you do not have to stay on campsites and are less drawn to take-away and cafe visits, because the motorhome is simply well equipped and homey.