Camperman Australia- A Roadtrip Through Australia in Hitop Campers of Budget to Mid-Range Category

In addition to the classic high-roof campers for 3 travelers, there are also models for 5 people or Hitops with shower and toilet on board

Camperman Australia is a family business specializing in the rental of high-roof campers in Australia. Camperman Australia serves the budget class with high-roof campers from years of manufacture between 2006 and 2012. Most vehicles have high mileage and corresponding wear and tear on the living area and the vehicle body.

The head office can be found in Cairns. All decisions are made there within a small team only. The distances are short and experience shows that problems are dealt with both quickly and fairly. Through its many smaller depots, Camperman is able to cover the entire East Coast of Australia. The depot in Adelaide also offers the possibility to make short trips to Kangaroo Island or along the popular Great Ocean Road to Melbourne.

The Hitop Campers are all built on the basis of the reliable and widely used Toyota Hiace. The campers Jade, Family 5, Juliette, Juliette Family 5 and Maxie 3 differ mainly in age and the associated wear, as well as in the number of approved passengers. The Maxie is the newest and most modern model of all. The Paradise models are built on the basis of the Toyota Hiace DLX, so that these campers offer more living space due to their larger dimensions, as well as two rear seats facing the direction of travel. This makes this camper type very suitable for families. With the Paradise Shower / Toilet Hitop Camper, Camperman Australia also offers a very inexpensive option for families, not having to rent a large and significantly more expensive motorhome and still enjoying the comfort of a private shower and toilet.

Particularly noteworthy in connection with the affordable rent is the insurance model of Camperman Australia. This differs fundamentally from the variants of its competitors. Camperman Australia has already included the insurance in the daily rental price. It is therefore not necessary to additionally book an expensive insurance option in order to enjoy full insurance protection. A deposit of AUD 500 is always required upon pick-up and is the only deductible in the event of an accident. A single vehicle accident is also covered, with the deductible increasing by AUD 250.
Due to the mandatory levying of an admin fee of AUD 70, the credit card fees for the remaining payments are eliminated and the fees for toll roads are evenly included. Not only does this offer a financial benefit to most customers, it also greatly simplifies travel through Australia. and makes your trip costs more transparent. The rental company will not be able to debit an unpaid toll fee by credit card after your rental period or to charge high processing fees. So, this is a fair and pleasant solution.
There is also a simple but fair regulation for filling up the gas bottle. The bottles are not refilled by Camperman every time (unless the customer wants it and pays 25 AUD) and there is also no requirement that the gas bottles have to be returned in full. The filling is passed on from tenant to tenant, so to speak.
Camperman vehicles can be rented from December 2019 from the age of 18.

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Juliette 2+1 Hitop Camper - The Standard Hitop by Camperman

  • The Juliette 2 +1 was constructed in 2009-2013
  • Three travelers can travel cheaply with the Juliette Hitop
  • Child seats cannot be attached
  • There is plenty of storage space under the benches
  • You can rent and drive the Juliette Hitop from the age of 18

Maxie 2+1 Hitop Camper - The Newest Hitop from Camperman

  • Year of manufacture: 2010-2018
  • Vehicle length: 5 m, interior height: 1.9 m. Newer interior
  • Ideal for 2-3 travelers
  • Lots of storage space under the benches and in the rear of the trunk
  • Approved for drivers 18 years and older

Juliette Family 4+1 Hitop - the oldest vehicle for up to 5.

  • The oldest and cheapest model for up to 5 travellers
  • Vehicle length: 5 m ,; interior height: 2.1 m
  • For up to 5 passengers, including 1 child with a child seat
  • Three travelers can sleep inside the camper and 2 outside in a tent
  • You can rent and drive the Juliette Family 4 + 1 Hitop from the age of 18

Paradise Family 5 Hitop - A Bigger Camper With More Space

  • More space thanks to the deluxe variant (DLX) of the Toyota Hiaces
  • Vehicle length: 5.6 m width: 1.8 9m ; interior height: 2.1 m
  • Automatic transmission makes driving easier
  • Attachment of 2 child seats in the rear row of seats possible
  • Approved for drivers 18 years and older

Paradise Family 5 Shower / Toilet- like a hotel room on wheels

  • Built on the basis of a Toyota Hiace DLX - extra space
  • Vehicle length: 5.6 m, interior height: 2.1 m
  • Suitable for a small group or family of up to 5 people
  • Shower and toilet on board for absolute freedom when traveling
  • You can rent and drive this Hitop from the age of 18