Great Advice for a Motorhome Holiday in New Zealand or Australia

Camper Oasis pursues a distinct target: providing our customers with the most comprehensive campervan rental information for Australia and New Zealand that you can possibly find on the internet.

Through competent guidance and full cost transparency, we find the right motorhome at very reasonable prices - that is our promise to you.

Are you looking for the best travel period for your motorhome holiday or the right motorhome model ? You seek for the perfect travel route through Australia or New Zealand? You wish for neutral background information on RV providers, insurance companies and the procedures within the motorhome business? At Camper Oasis you will learn everything you need to know about your motorhome vacation in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Service at a glance

The vehicle can determine the quality of your motorhome holiday in Australia and New Zealand. Often it´s after a comprehensive consultation that our customers book a specific motorhome model they would usually not have encountered by themselves. The most affordable motorhome at first glance often involves hidden costs – we assure transparency. Together we find the rental motorhome which suits your needs!

CamperOase is not a booking engine, like many other broker websites are. Whereas these work with automated price comparisons and automated offers, our service is actually driven by real people with first hand experience. You can talk to us in person and best of all, we can bargain with RV providers in Australia and New Zealand. We know the providers personally and therefore maintain close contact to the individual travel destinations. Not only are we going to advise you and work with a company prior to your trip, but we are also willing to help you out in case of any issues throughout your trip. With that said we work cross-company, independently and always offer vehicles from various rental companies.

It is usually cheaper to book a motorhome with us than choosing the option of a direct booking! You want to know why?

Our service does not end with handing out your travel documents. In fact, we help with the entire travel planning, e.g. with your booking of ferries and flights, planning your travel itinerary and giving advice on travel insurances. Even during and after your trip, we are always available to you, customer care is our first priority.

Since we ourselves have emigrated to New Zealand for a period of time, we have maintained personal travel experience for New Zealand and Australia. All of our employees have spend a significant amount of time in New Zealand or Australia as well. Our love for both of these countries and our passion for motorhome travel make our expert advice unique. We've been there, and now we are here for you.

CamperOase will gladly advise you on further bookings. With us you can book cheap flights, the ferry between the North and South Island in New Zealand and also a suitable travel cancellation insurance. You therefore have a contact person helping you with all bookings rather than with your vehicle booking only.

Your booking via the CamperOase means having a partner at your side who speaks your language and understands your individual problems. Within the consultation process, misunderstandings are therefore reduced to an absolute minimum. In case of problems with the RV provider or the actual motorhome itself, we are happy to mediate between you and the rental companies and find satisfactory solutions.

As an agent we provide rental companies with valuable customers. Therefore, we can add more authority to a complaint than you as a single customer could do. No company wants to risk a bad reputation with any of the agents!

Our sales team explains all associated costs with renting a motorhome . Whether it´s credit card fees, costs and benefits of included insurance options or the standard excess in case of accidental damage - we do not provide you with offers that are attractive only at the first glance.

You ´ve got a competitors offer for renting a specific motorhome or camper? It is always worthwhile to share this information. We can negotiate a cheaper price for the same vehicle or a better vehicle for the same price!

Planning your RV holiday - start here

Motorhome holidays in Australia and New Zealand

  • Find the right vehicle with us
  • How do I act in case of damage or deficiencies of the camper?
  • There are plenty of insurance options - which are actually worth the cost?
  • What quality can I expect for my budget?
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Travelling with kids
– the best advice for families

  • Our guidance for travel preparation with children
  • Read about our experiences on flying with children
  • Living with children in a motorhome
  • Find the right motorhome suitable for families
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The booking process for your motorhome rental

  • What happens after your enquiry?
  • Who will invoice you?
  • When will my booking be valid?
  • When are the deposit and final payment due?
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Our FAQ about motorhome holidays in Australia and New Zealand

  • How long in advance should I book?
  • In which order to book - prioritise flight or RV
  • Which itinerary fits my travel period
  • What are the benefits of booking via CamperOase?
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