Choice of Camper

Find the right camper or motorhome for your trips through Australia or New Zealand!

Finding the right vehicle: nothing easier than that!

The following information makes it easy to determine which motorhome or camper is suitable for your holiday in Australia and New Zealand. The direct comparison of the individual vehicle types shows you some decisive arguments, which help you with your final decision.

Sleepervan (Flat Roof) vs. Hitop Camper

For us, the clear winner of this competition clearly is the Hitop Camper because of a few strong advantages.

More space up top has a big impact on how much time you want to spend in the camper. If you have to bend into a “Mister Burns back pose” while standing, you will feel less comfortable than if you can stand. In the Hitop Camper you can also spend a rainy day without pain, whereas in a sleepervan you have to sit or scrunch down. Hitop: 1 Sleepervan: 0

Cooking in a sleepervan can at times be fun, but the hitop is the clear favorite here! Having a much better equipped kitchen which is accessible in any weather, it definitely beats an outdoor kitchen. Picture yourself in New Zealand on a really rainy day; in the sleepervan in order to make your morning coffee you have to go outside and stand to make it for five minutes, getting soaking wet. Then lunch rolls around and you have to stand outside to make a quick pasta on your single burner stove. By the time the sauce gets hot, your noodles are cold…not so ideal. The same situation in a hitop is a lot more bearable! You’re enjoying a nice cozy morning hearing the rain patter on the roof with your coffee that you could make peacefully inside. Lunchtime and you can easily make a yummy pasta on the two burner stove. What a nice relaxing day. The choice here is clear… Hitop: 2 Sleepervan: 0

Storage space is a sought after commodity on a campervan trip. Unfortunately in a sleepervan, it’s really missing. Your clothes like to frolic on the bed with the bodyboard, wet towel and your toothbrush. Searching for matching socks in the morning can sometimes take longer than expected. At bed time you’ll have to throw everything to the front seats, every single evening… Once again the hitop takes the cake here with significantly more space. Hitop: 3 Sleepervan: 0

Campervan holidays through New Zealand have one requirement to be a truly freeing experience: Self-containment. Without a self-containment certificate you can kiss unlimited freedom goodbye. You can learn a little more about freedom camping here, but importantly a hitop is more likely to be self-contained than a sleepervan. Hitop: 4 Sleepervan: 0

The only good case for a sleepervan is the low rental price. Consequently you often save less money than you think. Low comfort for cooking and spending down time in a sleepervan inclines many travelers to go to a café for a chill afternoon. Not wanting to cook outside also tempts people to eat out quite a bit more too. All of these costs are not foreseen at the time of booking, but start to hurt the wallet towards the end of the trip. Paying for a campsite is also expensive if the sleepervan isn’t self-contained. Even still, a sleepervan is cheaper if you’re alright cooking in the cold and you can say no to the temptation of eating out. Hitop: 4 Sleepervan: 1

Our conclusion: A short trip in summer for a tidy and well organized traveller with little luggage and the spirt of adventure, a sleepervan can be a nice place to call home. However, a longer vacation where you want to spend a little more time on the road, hitop is the way to go! In the long term, a hitop will be the best solution overall, saving money on campsites, enjoying cooking more and experiencing rainy days in a cozy spot.

The advantages of the Hitop Camper at a glance:

Comfortable headroom
Practical, well-equipped kitchen
More storage space

Hitop Camper Versus 2 Berth Camper

What an intensive competition! To get an idea of the opponents: The Hitop Camper is a vehicle the size of a VW bus with a high roof, while we can compare the 2 Berth Camper to a Mercedes Sprinter. And – as the name suggests - the 2 Berth Camper consists of: right! a shower and a toilet.

Space - also an issue with the both of them. This point clearly goes to the 2 Berth Camper, because it is obviously larger. For everyday life in the vehicle, this means: more storage space, less flattened toes and less cramping on rainy days. A clear decision as you can see. 2-Berth: 1 Hitop: 0

A shower in the camper. Initially a good idea, but does the luxury of the mobile bathroom justify the additional costs? We don`t think so! If you are traveling through Australia or New Zealand, you will quickly find that especially in beach areas one public shower after another. These are sanitary facilities that have been set up for surfers. There is everything you need here and they’re clean. Unfortunately, the showers are usually cold and there is not always toilet paper available in the toilets. However, if you are prepared for it, it will be sufficient for your needs. And if you find yourself in a place with no shower, you can ask at campsites or hostels. It is often possible to use the showers for a small amount of NZD 3-5. So, if you are willing to deal with being creative with showering, they aren’t necessary to have in the vehicle itself. Therefore, there is no point given for this amenity. For families, however, this aspect is to be assessed differently. Our article "The Right Motorhome for Families" will help you here.

By the way an important note: campers with showers and toilets included are not automatically self-contained!

Fuel is expensive but refueling in New Zealand is less traumatic than in Germany. Surprisingly: the larger vehicle, i.e. the 2 Berth Motorhome, wins here. This is because the large campers are fed with diesel, while the Hitop Campers are often petrol. In Germany there is already an apparent difference between diesel and petrol, in New Zealand it is even more intense. That`s because there is a rule that petrol is withheld from the fuel tax per liter directly at the petrol station, while diesel is sold tax-free here and the vehicle owner pays the diesel tax per kilometer in advance. As a tenant, this means that you pay the tax for petrol and your rental company for diesel. But be careful: this only applies if you choose the full cover option . In the standard rent you pay the diesel tax yourself 2-Berth: 2 Hitop: 0

Bigger is not always better. The average motorhome traveler is happy about more space, but unfortunately this also means: large external dimensions. If you are reluctant to maneuver sideways or backwards into narrower parking spaces with a small car, the 2 Berth Camper will confront you with completely new challenges. In larger cities on the other side of the earth it is no different than in cities like Stuttgart, Munich or Hamburg: parking spaces are rare and costly. And if someone happens to remove their Smart from the roadside, you will be embarrassed to force your vehicle into the gap that has appeared. It is obvious that every centimeter counts. Therefore, the point for better handling in road traffic clearly goes to the Hitop Camper. 2-Berth: 2 Hitop: 1

As you know, the price of your motorhome holiday in Australia or New Zealand is not only determined by the fuel. It should therefore be mentioned at this point that the Hitop Camper is the uncrowned king on this aspect. The basic rental price is much cheaper than the one of the 2 Berth Motorhome. 2-Berth: 2 Hitop: 2

Our Conclusion: the decision between these two is completely up to you, your expectations and your travel plans. The more kilometers you cover, the more important the argument with the diesel will become. For shorter trips, the low base price of the Hitop is decisive. If you can park easily even under difficult conditions, then you should tend towards the 2-Bed Motorhome. Otherwise, the Hitop Camper may be the better option. And you know best whether you are need a warm shower or can be deal with cold shower.

The arguments summarized:

2 Berth Motorhome:
More space
Hitop Camper:
Low base price
Better handling
More often certified as self-contained

2 Berth Versus 4 Berth Motorhome (for 2 persons)

This clearly is a duel for those of you who do not have to think twice about every penny, are fully passionate about travelling and would like to invest more money in a better quality of life on the road.

If two of you travel for long periods of time, you will at some point reach the moment where this lifestyle will get on your nerves. This moment can for sure be delayed if not cancelled once you are ready to invest in a vehicle that was actually designed for four people. A 4-Bed Motorhome offers plenty of space for two people. This means that you have the opportunity to avoid one another once in a while and almost obtain a feeling of privacy. 4-Berth: 1 2-Berth: 0

Preparing beds is a little-loved activity on most people’s to-do list. Within a 2 Berth Motorhome, you don't just have to pull out the pillow every day and shake the blanket once. In the morning you remove the bed entirely and in the evening after returning to your home on wheels tired from the day's adventures and wanting to put your feet up quickly, you end up realizing: there really is nothing to put your feet up on. Consequently, you have to tidy up first before you can stretch out your tired limbs. In the 4-Bed Motorhome, all of this space just disappears. The beds are upstairs and people are living, cooking and sitting downstairs. One wants to sleep while the other prefers to sit at the table? Not a problem in this case. Visitors driving smaller vehicles can even be invited as additional guests for cooking and playing cards together on rainy days. In short: with the 4-Bed Motorhome you are the king on the parking lot. 4-Berth: 2 2-Berth: 0

Of course, all luxury comes at a price. And that is the big disadvantage of the 4-Bed Motorhome. You don’t just live like a king, you also have to pay for it. If the travel budget is not particularly tight and may offer some leeway upwards, this point might not be so serious for you. All others - and this includes most travelers with whom we have spoken in the past - will come to the quick conclusion of preferring a 2-Bed Motorhome, because a 4-Bed Motorhome is simply too high priced. 4-Berth: 2 2-Berth: 1

Our conclusion: If you can afford it, you can avoid some critical camper life situations with this larger option. However, on the other hand you can get some flowers, chocolates and candle light dinners for the money saved when renting a 2-Bed Motorhome, which can then help to antagonize the controversial issue of an unmade bed and socks on the dining table in a more creative way.

4 Berth Hitop Versus 4 Berth Motorhome (for 3-4 persons)

Planning on travelling with more than two people? If so, you’ll need a suitable vehicle! The super small and super cheap sleepervans are no longer an option. The benefit is that you will be able to split the cost, unless of course you’re travelling with children.

The Hitop is unbeatable on price. If you really had to work hard and save up for a long time for this trip, the Hitop is the choice for you. Hitop: 1 Motorhome: 0

There are areas in which the 4-Berth Motorhome will have an advantage, and we will go over them thoroughly.

Space or no space – one has it and the other doesn’t. While two people can stay very comfortably in a two person Hitop, it becomes quite narrow in the slightly larger 4-Berth Hitop. The 4-Berth Motorhome is much more spacious. Hitop: 1 Motorhome: 1

As mentioned above, a shower and toilet aren’t direct necessities when in New Zealand and Australia with numerous ways to shower. It would take a lot of showering in order to justify the cost of having a shower on board. However, customers of the motorhomes are often families, which makes us want to give a point to the motorhome. Having a shower and toilet on board makes adventuring with the kids a lot easier. When the kids have to go, they have to go! And a cold shower at a public shower in the evening after swimming at the beach all day is not an ideal evening situation for anyone! Here we award a point for family requirements. Hitop: 1 Motorhome: 2

Another point that basically only affects families: In the 4 Berth Motorhome the bed in the alcove, which is accessible and usable at any time without disrupting the comfort below. This is ideal for families whose children should take a nap throughout the day, or have an early bedtime. The children can be laid down without any effort while the parents are cooking, playing cards or crocheting potholders. Hitop: 1 Motorhome: 3

There is something else to be observed with motorhomes of this size: With some 4-Bed vehicles, the two rear seats are at the very back of the motorhome. It is extremely bumpy here and people who are prone to nausea should swap with other passengers or have a bag at hand. These places are not suitable for children - especially small kids! Families should therefore seek advice on the seating arrangement when choosing a motorhome. It is not possible to give points as a whole, because the interior of the motorhome is just as important. However, due to their lower weight and shorter length having such seating arrangement will by far not be as disturbing within a Hitop Camper. We recommend families to read our article on suitable motorhomes when traveling with children!

Our conclusion: Anyone who’s not worried about breaking the bank and is willing to shell out the extra dough, take the 4-Berth Motorhome. Especially for families, the motorhome offers significantly more comfort, but you should definitely choose a motorhome with the children's seats close to the driver`s cab. If you are traveling with 4 adults, afternoon nap and a warm shower are not so relevant and the 4 Berth Hitop is a practical solution. However, the costs are then ideally divided into four separate wallets, so that the additional costs of a 4 Berth Motorhome can be financed easily. And even if this vehicle type does not score so well here: In the 4 Berth Hitop Camper you can also live well, so cheer up if your budget is tight!

4 Berth Motorhome Versus 6 Berth Motorhome (for 4 persons)

The battle of the giants. More space on wheels is almost impossible. The minority will be faced with the question of whether it is worth it to rent a 6 Berth Motorhome for four passengers or whether there is enough space in the 4 Berth Motorhome. But for these few, this question is dealt with nonetheless.

It's actually quite simple. In our opinion, it is generally not worthwhile spend the money on a 6 Berth Motorhome if you do not make use of every bed. That`s because both 4 and 6 Berth Motorhomes are mostly found on the same chassis setup and vary only slightly. This means that you do not gain any additional space in the 6 Berth Motorhome, but you may lose storage space or living space where the additional beds are installed. There is an exception. A few 6 Berth Motorhomes are interesting for families of four, because in these vehicles children can sit directly behind the parents, which can be quite valuable for longer drives. In all other cases, the 4 Berth Motorhome is just as good though.

You are still unsure of what you really want or perhaps there are still questions on your mind? Then don’t hesitate to give us a call! A lot can be clarified quickly during a personal conversation and we are absolutely looking forward to hearing from you! (By the way, we are always happy to call you back, so that there are no costs on your behalf).