Cheapa Campa - Cheap Vehicles of Various Sizes for Travelling Australia

Here you can rent former and hence older 4WD vehicles, Hitop Campers and RVs from Apollo Motorhomes

Cheapa Campa offers 3-6-year-old vehicles from the budget to lower middle class. It is an offshoot of the Apollo Group.
If vehicles become too old for Apollo Motorhomes, they are downgraded to Cheapa Campa. Therefore, you can get far cheaper vehicles at Cheapa, but these at the same time have higher mileage under their belt.
In the Cheapa Campa fleet there is a campervan with a roof tent, two Hitops, a sprinter with shower / toilet, two motorhomes and even two 4WD vehicles (ask us for details - we do offer them to you!).

Even though the vehicles are older, Cheapa Campa still offers a large network with professional service. Of course, the advantage here is that there are many replacement vehicles in the event of booking failure.

According to customer feedback, the briefing service is sometimes very volatile and the maintenance of the vehicles could at times be better.
On the phone you often have to deal with queues. Usually, however, help can be provided, even if it takes longer and becomes more cumbersome.
Gravel roads can be driven at Cheapa for a maximum of 12 km if an official campsite is specifically approached via this road.
Caution: The All-Inclusive insurance does not cover damage to tyres and windscreen. There is additional insurance option (WAT) for AUD 7 a day or max. AUD 175 per rent on offer for such case.

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Cheapa Hitop - The Budget Camper for 2 People

  • The Cheapa Hitop is offered since 3-6 years
  • These Hitops are decommissioned ones from Apollo
  • The interior will be somewhat renovated after the takeover of Cheapa
  • Higher mileage and fairly used interior
  • For 2 adults or 1 adult and a child from the age of 8 years

Cheapa Endeavour - The Affordable Hitop for 4 Persons

  • Vehicle age between 3 and 6 years
  • The mileage can be quite high depending on the vehicle you get
  • Possible signs of wear in the interior
  • Suitable for families with 2 children
  • Approved for drivers from 21 years of age

Cheapa 2-Berth Shower / Toilet - Cheaper Sprinter for Couples

  • Vehicle age of 3-6 years
  • Former Apollo Euro Tourer model
  • The interior is solid with partly renewed curtains, seat covers, etc.
  • Equipped with air conditioning in the living room and the driver's cabin
  • Approved for 2 people

Cheapa 4 Berth - Older 4-Man Motorhome at a Good Price

  • The Cheapa 4 Berth Motorhome is between 3 and 6 years old
  • Former Apollo Euro Camper
  • If necessary, in some cases the interior has been renewed
  • Air conditioning in the driver's cabin and in the living area
  • Suitable for families with 2 children from 6 months

Cheapa 6 Berth - Older 6-Man Motorhome at a Good Price

  • Vehicle age between 3 and 6 years
  • Former Apollo Euro Deluxe
  • Six belts and 3 double beds
  • Air conditioning in the front and in the rear
  • Two child seats can be attached