Cruisin Motorhomes - Rent Premium Class Vehicles with A Maximum Vehicle Age of 4 Years

From the Hitop Camper to the 6-Bed Motorhome you are offered appealing, modern premium class vehicles

Cruisin Motorhomes is a company that offers premium class vehicles. The vehicles are a maximum of 4 years old, often younger and very well-maintained. As a result, Cruisin Motorhomes is on a higher quality level compared to companies like Apollo, Britz and Maui and can provide modern vehicles to travelers. After its founding in Tasmania in 1999 (main depot in Hobart), Cruisin has increasingly focused on providing its customers with modern, sometimes luxurious and unique motorhomes and campers. They build many vehicles themselves - professionally and with high-quality materials in Hobart. The larger motorhomes are bought by the renowned manufacturer Avida. The fleets are set up broadly from the classic Hitop Camper to the 6-Bed Motorhome. At Cruisin, customers are offered details and extras that are generally hard to find elsewhere in the industry. The vehicles are maintained and improved on a regular basis. As early as 2019, all vehicles were converted to automatic transmission, which is a clear advantage given the unusual left-hand traffic in cities.

The modern vehicles are mostly designed for families and child seats can be attached in most vehicles. At Cruisin Motorhomes, children under the age of 6 months can ride, but customers must bring their own child seat (generally important: child seats must meet Australian standards!). Cruisin provides child seats for children from the age of 6 months and, of course, booster seats for older children. Not only the vehicles correspond to the premium-class. You can also rely on the service, which is characterized by good accessibility via email / phone. It is a family business with short and understandable decision-making processes. The company's depots are located in Brisbane, Hobart, Sydney, Cairns and Melbourne. Except for Hobart, all depots are closed on Sundays. Pick-up is not possible, but it is now possible to drop off the vehicles on a Sunday. This must be done by 3:30 p.m. and must be registered in advance.

Gravel roads at Cruisin Motorhomes can only be used with a maximum of 12 km distance and only if an official campsite is reached exclusively via this road. The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 21 years.
The vehicles that are too old for the Cruisin fleet will be handed over to the sister company Go Cheap Motorhomes and rented out there at a reduced rental price.

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2 Berth Hitop - The Reliable High-Quality Hitop for 2

  • Maximum vehicle age of 4 years
  • Compact Hitop Length: 4,90m interior height: 2,00m
  • Practical, maximum 4 year old interior
  • Ideal travel companion for 2 people without toilet and shower
  • High quality camper of the premium class

4 Berth Hitop - The Modern Camper for Up to 4 Persons

  • The 4 Berth Hitop is max. 4 years old
  • There is space for 4 people: Length: 4.90m Internal height: 2.00m
  • Very modern interior with a small kitchen
  • Perfect for groups and families who can do without a shower and toilet
  • The vehicle may be driven from the age of 21

2 Berth Sandpiper - Modern Camper with Shower and Toilet

  • 0 - 4 year old vehicle in very good condition
  • Spacious 2 berth ST vehicle: 6.20m long, 1.90m standing height
  • Very modern interior with permanent bed
  • Shower and toilert on board
  • Drivers must be at least 21 years old







4 Berth Seeker - Modern Motorhome for Friends or Families

  • 0-4 year old motorhome
  • Comfortable and well-conceived construction, length: 7.20m interior height: 2,0m
  • Maximum 4 year old comfortable interior with TV / DVD and large kitchen
  • High quality bathroom with separate shower
  • Two permanent beds ensure that you don't have to convert each night


6 Berth Discovery - Large Premium-Class Motorhome

  • 0-4 year old vehicles
  • Large 6-person motorhome (Length: 7,20m interior height: 2,0m)
  • First-class interior with 3 beds, clever storage space, small bathroom
  • First-class kitchen with a huge 190l fridge
  • Large awning, perfectly designed for camping in Australia


6 Berth Deluxe - Luxurious Motorhome for Up to 6 Persons

  • Premium vehicle (max. 2.5 years old)
  • Spacious 6 berth motorhome 7.20m long, interior height: 2.00m
  • Very modern interior with huge 190l fridge
  • A small hotel on wheels with a lot of space
  • Large awning, perfect for camping with the whole family