Booking Procedure

You decided to rent a camper or motorhome via Camper Oasis?

Now that you know which vehicle you want to book, you certainly want to know how to proceed!

The following steps explain in detail how the booking procedure continues for your camper rental.

Offer Confirmation

After you have confirmed the corresponding offer in writing, thus binding, we can book the camper or motorhome with the rental company for you. As a rule, the rental companies need about 24 hours to confirm an offer.

Once we have received the rental company`s confirmation, we will prepare the booking documents for you. These include:

the bill
the booking confirmation / travel voucher
the general rental conditions of the rental company

We expressly point out that the documents must be checked for correctness and possible errors must be immediately objected to. In particular, the pick-up and drop-off date and the pick-up and drop-off station need to be verified.


The payment of the invoice depends on the conditions of the rental company and is explained in detail in your documents. The deposit is usually between 15-30 % and is due immediately after the vehicle confirmation is given by the rental company. The remaining payment is usually made directly on-site when the camper / motorhome is handed over. However, there are also a few rental companies in Australia and New Zealand who would like to have the balance paid 40 days before the vehicle is picked up.

Payment Methods

The deposit can be paid by credit card, via PayPal or via bank transfer to a German account. The remaining payment on-site can usually be paid in cash, by credit card or via previously made bank transfer to the rental company's account. An exception to this are the two largest providers (Apollo Group & THL), which only grant payment by credit card. For this, a credit card fee of 2-4.5 % is charged by the rental company directly.

Account Cover and Foreign Blocking

Be aware: If the remaining payment is collected directly on-site, the bank must be informed in advance that a corresponding amount of money must be available abroad at this time. Unfortunately, it often happens that customers are in the custody account of the rental company in Australia or New Zealand and cannot pay the remaining payment by credit card because the card is blocked abroad, which prevents excessive debiting. This often happens on weekends, when no bank is open in your home country to be able to change settings. The rental companies do not let the camper or motorhome drive off the yard before the full amount has been paid.

The Procedure in Short:

You confirm the offer
We pass on the confirmation to the rental company
The rental company checks the availability again and confirms on its part
You will receive your booking confirmation with all documents and check these in terms of accuracy
You pay the bill according to the terms of the rental company