Benefits when booking via CamperOase

Camper Oasis is an agency for renting campervans and motorhomes. We do not offer you vehicles that we own but are the broker between customers and a large variety of rental companies. Working with so many different companies, we can assess availability across multiple fleets to give our customers the best options. Often booking through Camper Oasis is cheaper than directly with companies, and you also receive personal advice on what rental vehicle is best for you! Continue reading and you will find out why booking with us is the right decision for you.

Why booking with us can even be cheaper than booking directly with the rental company
The advantages of our advisory service
How you can profit with us by your side

Your advantages when booking via CamperOase

Companies in the South Pacific are keen to utilize their entire fleets, but don’t always have the capacity to be in direct contact with customers all over the world. That’s where we step in. Our service is to collaborate directly with customers in finding out what the right rental vehicle is, and then doing the backend work of researching availability. This allows companies in New Zealand and Australia to focus on looking after their vehicles and customers in the country, and our customers to get exactly what they need.

Since we are providing a service to the companies, they give us a bit of leeway on the price to make it worthwhile for customers to book through us. Customers also enjoy the experience and advice that we are able to offer, we can point you in the right direction so that your trip is a trip of a lifetime. That’s why, contrary to popular belief, it is often cheaper to book through us than it is to book through a company directly in Australia and New Zealand.

CamperOase is an independent broker company - our suggestions are based around your indiviual needs

Renting a vehicle through Camper Oasis will give our customers the best options from multiple companies. Enquiring directly through a rental company, their representatives will try to ensure that the customer books through them. With our objective and competent advice, we can help guide you to the right choice for you, and not just make a quick sale and turn a quick profit forgetting what the customer actually wants.

Working with so many different fleets and companies, we know what’s available in the market. We can point out advantages and disadvantages to different companies and vehicles that you may not find elsewhere. Our independence and expert insight into the markets ensures our customers not only the best campervan, but also the best deal.

CamperOase supports you in the case of difficulties

Sometimes there are inconsistencies between rental companies and customers. Opinions differ, especially if the booked vehicle does not match the condition the customer was initially expecting. The rental company is your contractual partner and therefore your first point of contact. But if for some reason there are further difficulties or you are not so confident in English, we will be happy to help you!

We work during German and Oceanic business hours and are almost always available. We know the employees of the rental companies through daily contact via phone or email and can specifically ask about your individual case. We usually find a mutually satisfying solution.

Since we bring a lot of turnover to the rental companies, it is easier for us to negotiate a good compromise than for the individual customer, who normally tends to rent a vehicle in New Zealand or Australia once in a lifetime.

CamperOase assists you with planning your travel itinerary

Not only we are familiar with rental campervans and motorhomes, but also with the best and most reasonable routes for a certain duration of travel, ferry crossings and flights. We would be happy to advise you on all of these topics, preferably before you have booked any of them.

Important topics are

The most suitable vehicle for my trip
Tips for traveling with children
The right insurance option
Where do I start and where do I end my journey?

A lot of things can be clarified within a phone call, so don't be afraid to call us, even if you don't yet know for sure whether you want to really rent a campervan or motorhome! We are happy to help.