Spaceships - Experts for Mini-Campers

Spaceships Mini-Camper are particularly suitable for backpackers and vacationers with a tight budget

Spaceships is a mini-camper company originally from New Zealand. Holidaymakers who primarily want to be outside and are looking for a mobile base in which to sleep can find various options with Spaceships. The vehicles are based on a Toyota Estima. This gives you the driving experience of a normal car, which is usually a great relief for inexperienced camper vacationers. The guaranteed automatic shift is particularly helpful here. The four different expansion options each offer decisive differences that are geared towards specific needs of holidaymakers, so the latest model (Beta 4) has been provided with a high-quality roof tent to give up to four people the opportunity to travel cheaply but comfortably.

Spaceships does not charge extra drivers and offers after-hours pick-up and drop-off. In addition, the transfer from and to the airport is included as soon as you rent a Spaceships camper for more than 21 days. Spaceships allows you to rent a vehicle from the age of 18. The service is good and geared towards backpackers. Communication is usually very straightforward. Since the vehicles have a comparatively simple structure and are very similar, there is usually a very quick answer to problems. A great company for all vacationers who are planning a road trip through Australia and do not want to fall back on the larger and more expensive alternatives in the industry.

IMPORTANT: If you rent from Spaceship, you have to have a driving license for 6 months.

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Alpha - Very Affordable Backpacker Mini-Camper of Budget-Class

  • Toyota Estima
  • Four seats and 2 sleeping places, extra 2 man tent for AUD 60
  • Simple interior construction for minimalist travelers
  • 15L fridge, gas cooker, basic equipment
  • Two adults can sit in the front and one child with a child seat in the back

Beta 4 - Mini-Camper With Roof Tent for Up to 4 People

  • Beta vehicle expanded with roof tent
  • Four seats and sleeping places
  • Simple interior with 2 USB spots
  • 15L refrigerator, gas cooker (2 lights), high quality roof tent
  • Very robust, modern roof tent with fan

Beta - Cheap Mini-Camper for Backpackers and Small Families

  • Standard camper van, younger variant of the Alpha
  • Four seats & 2 sleeping places, optional 2-man tent for AUD 60
  • Minimalistic interior with 2 USB spots
  • 15L refrigerator, 2-burner gas cooker, basic equipment
  • Two adults with one child can also travel in Beta

Beta 2S - Excellent, Affordable Mini-Camper for 2 People

  • Modified version of the Beta camper
  • Two seats, thus more space in the interior
  • Simple, convincing interior with 2 USB spots and storage compartment
  • 2-burner gas cooker, 20L water tank, 15L refrigerator
  • For rent from 18 years