Camper Models and Motorhome Types

Not sure which camper / motorhome you want? You feel confused by all the different names of the existing companies? Actually, it is quite easy! We present the four basic models to you.

If you are dealing with motorhomes and campers for the first time and compare the many providers on the market, it can be a real challenge to find the important differences between the camper models and motorhome types. On this page we show you which types are generally offered independent of the individual providers and which features they have.

With this preparation it's easier for you to recognize which vehicle model suits you and filter out the type of camper or motorhome hiding behind the creative bunch of individual company names.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the type of vehicle in itself does not say much about its actual quality. The model only represents the basic structure on which the vehicle is built and defines some equipment features. The deciding factors that influence the final price and the quality are the rental conditions of the individual companies, their service, the insurance package and of course the age of the vehicle and its mileage. Only if you consider this complete package will you be able to sense a good offer lying in your hands. If you already have an offer from a competitor agent or a rental company, we will be happy to look at it with you.

Overview of Models

Sleepervan– The Simplest Camper Model

  • Easy to drive with low fuel consumption
  • Inexpensive basic rental price
  • Little storage space, living space and not much equipment
  • Often not self-contained, higher follow-up costs
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New Teaser Box

  • Manageable to drive despite the high roof
  • Standing height and sitting area make it easier to use and live inside the vehicle
  • Many models are self-contained
  • No shower inside the vehicle
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New Teaser Box

  • Somewhat bulky, with a size similar to a Mercedes Sprinter
  • Fully equipped kitchen and comfortable living area
  • Bathroom with shower and toilet
  • Less follow-up costs through more luxury within the motorhome
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New Teaser Box

  • Fixed bed in the alcove saves you having to change it every day
  • A real home thanks to space and good facilities
  • Always self-contained
  • Somewhat unwieldy for inexperienced drivers
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